Biomedical Technician

Job Title: Bio Medical Technician

Location: Chino, California USA

Department: Biomed

Full/Part-time Status: Full Time

WestPrime Systems Inc. is seeking a results-driven Biomedical Technician specializing in Respiratory Equipment, Hospital and Homecare DME Equipment.

Certification from Respironics, Carefusion and Other Leading Ventilator Manufacturers is A MUST.

This position will be based in Chino,  California. In this position you will have the opportunity to:

Your are responsible for all aspects of the installation and maintenance of biomedical equipment. Must test equipment after installation to ensure proper functioning; this includes reviewing manuals and servicing information, and then applying appropriate testing methods and devices (device-specific analyzers) to certify equipment works and is properly calibrated.

Biomedical equipment technicians serve as the primary contact point with medical staff, and they may be required to provide training in proper equipment usage. In the event of a device failure, BMETs provide maintenance and repair services. You may also provide advice and insight on equipment purchases to hospital staff due to their familiarity with the products.

Due to the nature of the work, they may be required to work nights, weekends, or overtime to ensure proper device functionality. In the case of emergencies, you may be called in to address critical device failures as well.  On times, you will spend the majority of your time installing and maintaining biomedical equipment, which requires delicate repair work and moving heavy equipment. Frequent travel may be necessary.

Biomedical equipment technicians are required to hold an associate’s degree in biomedical equipment technology/training or equivalent training. They may be required to be a certified biomedical equipment technician (CBET). BMETs are often separated into tiers according to experience, with BMET II and BMET III requiring seven to 15 years of experience and BMET I as an entry-level position.


Train and assist staff in using and interpreting biomedical equipment.

Operate and keep records on equipment such as multimeters, oscilloscopes, defibrillator analyzers, etc.

Inspect, maintain, repair, and request parts for biomedical equipment.