Respiratory Technology

Our field service experience in respiratory equipment repair over the past 13 years gives us the ability to support a wide range of ventilator models. Our certified technicians are competent, professional and known for delivering cost effective solutions.

Sleep Disorder Solutions

Prescribed by a physician for the treatment of sleep and breathing disorders, in particular Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). These advance equipments  require a prescription for purchase.

Diabetes Supplies and Management

We offer top-quality Diabetes supplies and stock products from the leading brands, along with excellent customer service, resources and information from specially trained representatives.

Home Medical Equipment

Durable medical equipment for home use.

Bio-Medical Engineering

Scientific, Clinical and Industrial

We specializes in technology related to Hematology, Heating, Ultrasonic, Biological Media, Cryogenics, Chromatography, Microspy, Infection Control, Spectroscopy, Sterilizers, Vacuum, Pressure and General Supplies.

We have the best and affordable equipment and excellent service in the market today.

Products and Services

Field Testing