Flight 60 Ventilator

The Most Versatile Autonomous Ventilator
Invasive and Non-Invasive Ventilation With High Leak Compensation
Advanced Modes Of Ventilation
COVID19 Response for High Acuity Patients
Single And Dual Patient Circuit Limb
Pediatric To Adults
High Pressure And Low Flow Oxygen

Ease Of Use
Excellent NIV Performance
Synchronized Nebulizer
Emergency / Contingency Management Response

COVID19 Response Emergency Preparedness, Mass Casualty

•     Can be deployed to any environment (splash-proof/flow without gas source)

•     8 hours of battery / Hot swappable allows for extended mobility from power/power save option extends battery beyond 8 hours by dimming screen

•     Portable yet powerful/ 220 LPM flow without a gas source to power Turbine

•     Can work from any O2 source- 50 psi/tanks/concentrators/low flow applications. 

•     Free lifetime software upgrades: modes, features etc. KEEPS UNITS CLINICALLY RELEVANT

•     PM due at 5 years or 25,000 hours – Low cost of ownership

•     Can treat any patient 5Kg to adult (30ml lowest Vt)

•     Easy to use + 5 presets & quick start menu

•     Logs last 1000 events/alarms, has trends: when treating large number of patients they can log post action/change

•     Volume & Pressure modes/ Flow & pressure triggers/ lung mechanics

•     Portability options allow for roll stand attachment/bedrail mount/In-use bag

•     Option to use either a dual limb or single limb circuit

•     Non-invasive ventilation can be delivered in any mode- allowing for patients to be masked until they can be intubated in mass scale incidents


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